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Dial Indicators

Diatest Models:


  • MU1m/MU01Z
  • MU10m/MU1Z
  • Micro comparator (F1000)
  • MDU125
  • Analodig (ANA)
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DIAWIRELESS - wireless data transmission via real radio transmission or Bluetooth® to PC or DIATRON.
Both wireless solutions are adjusted to the DIATEST programme. Easy handling and the usual reliability of all DIATEST products are guaranteed Precision by Simplicity!
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The Diatest DIACATOR is an instrument with a stationary indicator and a rotary probe for fast and accurate concentrical alignment of bores and shafts on most rotary machine tools.


Especially suitable for finding reference points on CNC machines.

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Dial Indicator Tester

A Diatest dial gauge calibration fixture for use with a digital length measuring probe with a minumum range of 10 mm or .4" and minimum accuracy of .001 mm or .000040" over that range.

Inspects accuracy and hysteresis (reversal error) in dial gauges.
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Offset Heads
Standardized Diatest components for various applications for assembly in measuring devices. 
  • Standard accessories for use in gauging fixtures
  • Wide range of applications, built-in holders for gauging fixtures, 90° attachments, extensions, rotary adaptors etc.
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