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The DIATRON-family comprises digital measuring instruments that are able to measure, transfer, display and – depending on the gauge - also to store data.  Depending on the application and on the measuring job the DIATRON is used individually or in combination. The gauges are very sturdy and offer flexible operational capability.


The DIATRON1000 is the flagship of a new generation of DIATEST measuring instruments of extreme high precision combined with flexible and safe data transmission.



A complete and very flexible measuring system for internal and external measurement with integrated precision seven-digit-display.

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The DIATEST DIATRON2200 is an electronic column with 3-colour bar scale (red, green, yellow and digital display of measured data.


Measured data can be transferred to the column via real radio transmission provided that an appropriate receiving module is applied. 

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The DIATEST DIATRON6000 is an SPC-capable display unit with analogue and digital display. Measured data can be transferred via real radio transmission to the DIATRON provided that a relating receiving module is fitted. 

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