Abrasives (92)

Sanding Rolls (7)

Anti-static - Roll

Abrasive cloth with open coat aluminum oxide on polyester cloth for calibrating and internediate sanding in woodworking.  ACT and antistatic properties prevent premature clogging.


Applications: *Wood, *Drum Sander

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Conditioning - Roll

Standard abrasive paper for parquet sanding and floor reconditioning.


Applications: *Wood

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Drywall - Roll (foam)

Long life abrasive cloth with cushioning foam which prevents gouging and deep scratches.  Suitable for hand and pole sanding in drywall applications.


Applications: *Drywall

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Hardwood - Roll

Abrasive paper with semi-open coat having high stock removal capacity for the sanding/processing of drywall and hard wood, eg. oak, beech.

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Non-woven - Roll

Abrasive cloth perfectly suited for deburring, cleaning and surface refinement.


Applications: *Stainless Steel, *Metal/Wood, Plastic, Paint/Varnish/Filler

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Shop roll

High-quality, highly flexible abrasive cloth for versatile applications in the metal processing industry.


Applications: *Stainless Steel, *Steel, *Metal, *Wood, Plastic

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Shop roll - economical

Highly flexible universal abrasive cloth for the metal processing industry, good price-performance ratio.


Applications: *Metal, *NF metals, *Wood, Plastic

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